Monday, 21 August 2017

5 Easy Steps to Find T shirt of your Choice

Want to follow the latest fashion trends? Can’t figure it out which apparel to buy? Well, the foremost staple that we all need in our wardrobe in today’s time is a t-shirt. It’s a go-to outfit that we don’t mind stocking up as many as we can. 

If you are planning to buy one through an online site, here are a few easy steps to get it without repenting later. Here we go…… 

T-shirts for Men's

Choose a design 

Picking a design may sound easy to you, but that’s the most challenging part. Browsing online means being swarmed with overwhelming tee styles, which may truly confuse you. So, it’s better to choose three to five designs within your budget at first. Now, as you have a few designs, not hundreds of to make a choice. Decide which one would look good on you. If needed you may ask your loved ones or friends for a better suggestion by showing them the picture. You can also customize the one as per your preferences. There are many personalized t-shirts providers on the web, which you would find up to the mark. 

Choose the right fabric 

Once you have a design in your mind, let’s move to another step. It’s time to check the fabric of a tee you would want to spend money on. There are different types of fabrics out there such as cotton, polyester, and more. Consider what is your basic need? If you want to stay comfortable and stylish at the same time, we would recommend you to go for cotton fabric. A tee made of this material is durable, breathable and fashionable. 

Get the right size 

Too tight or too loose t-shirt is a fashion disaster. Hence, it’s very important to pick a size quite suitable for your body structure. Going any inches beyond your size would truly ruin your appearance. Follow the size guide, and pick the one that you think would flatter your body. When in doubt, always choose a size larger. 

Consider a budget 

How much would you like to spend for this staple? Have you got any price range in mind? It’s very important to stick to a budget and then find a tee. Chances are, you may like something but couldn’t afford. That will be a little disheartening or you may buy but later suffer financially which is equally not good. Hence, fix a price first and then move ahead with your search.

Prepay to pay 

After you had made a selection and added the t-shirt to the cart, it’s time to check out by paying. On a site, you will find many payment options out there. Cash on delivery, credit card, debit card, eWallet and even net banking. Choose whichever option you think is easy for you and complete the payment procedure. Meanwhile, provide your accurate address where delivery of the product has to be made. Once, you get the confirmation; wait for the same to be shipped to your doorsteps within the stipulated time frame.

Now, you see buying a tee online is a heck of an easy process! So, be prepared to get some appreciation once you flaunt it after receiving!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

7 Best Ways To Wear T-Shirts For Women At Workplace

Do you think t-shirts are only meant for the days when you take on your errands on weekdays? You really need to get out of that idea. Gone are the days when this piece of clothing was meant only to be worn for casual affairs. But now it has turned out to be a workplace wardrobe essential. 

You need not amuse to hear that. It’s true! Fashion pundits all over the world have given a thumps up to this versatile piece. Here we have brought about a list of handy tips to wear t-shirts for women in office. 

Let’s take a look here-

Wear with cardigan, striped pants and flats 

Master the art of styling by combining above said essentials together. Be a bit polished by tucking in your tee. Pick a suitable hairdo and you are all set to hit the office floor with a new yet redefined persona! Your peers would go on ranting a lot about your style for sure. 

Floral pumps, denim jacket, pencil skirt and your tee 

The above will surely make you talk of the town. Take your office dressing to the next level by pairing your basic solid colored white tee with floral pumps, denim jacket and a pencil skirt. This is worth appreciating that your female counterparts won’t mind doing again and again!

Wear underneath a spaghetti-strap dress  

If you are too shy to pull off a spaghetti strap dress at your workplace, don’t worry. Wear it with your basic t-shirt and baffle everyone around! Even club it with your tennis shoes. Wearing minimal makeup and sporting an elegant hairdo is the key to power dressing though.

Team with a shirt dress and espadrilles 

t-shirts for women 
You might have sported shirt dresses at your workplace earlier, but this time, opt for something refreshing. Layer using a striped tee and transform your simple shirt dress. This will work beyond your workplace too! Suppose you have to hang out with friends after office, and you hardly would have time to change, that’s the looks to best go with.

Skinny pants, heels, top coat and t-shirt 

When you need a style statement above the others, opt for a statement coat to pair with your tee. Wearing skinny pants with it is what will up the ante. For a dash of elegance, add heels. This loo is for autumn and winter. However, for summers, just ditch the coat.

Basic tee, palazzo, blazer and wedge 

You can nail the styling game at your workplace by matching steps with recent trends. Combining palazzo pants, a blazer, your basic tee and wedge sandals together will give you a perfect appearance fit for the office dress ethics. If you’re bored of wearing pant suits every then and now, try out this combination.

Shrug, flared pants, booties and tee 

Be it flared pants or jeans; you can wear them at your workplace without going overboard. Match it with your basic t-shirt for women and slip into mules to get a look to die for. 

Remember, you can wear t-shirts for women in so many ways, but ensure to stick to the basics. Don’t go overboard when it comes to dress up for office.

Want to stand out in slogan t-shirts? Read this Damn Guide!

Do you have the passion for fashion? Want to splash in the trend tidal waves but without being over drowned yourself? Welcome to the world of fashion which at one hand if it’s exciting, on the other hand, it’s bizarre and wacky. Quite some time ago, we had seen a new trend on the ramp for slogan t-shirts. Coming straight outta ramp, this piece has become a staple for everyone’s wardrobe and there are feasible reasons for that.

But there has to be drawn a fine line between the fashion fantastic and fashion disaster. Don’t be a victim when it comes to flaunt a tee with a slogan. Instead, become a fashion fable people would never get tired of admiring to! But, here comes the question- how to do that? Well, it’s very simple! You need not worry anymore. Follow below given tips to stand out in slogan t-shirts.

Break the shell to let go the cocoon

Why did I refer to that statement above? You might be thinking that right now. To your rescue let me tell you. In order to be obvious in fashion race, you need to be brave and bold. Pick a tee with a bold slogan and dare to flaunt it. Have you seen celebrities keeping their fashion to the point by showing off various looks from controversial to elegant? Take inspiration from them as they are the ones who know how to wear a t-shirt with slogan the best way. Talk of Rabir Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Shahid Kapoor, or Katrina Kaif, they can be seen wearing this staple with bold quote quite often.

Go with cult monochrome

One’s love for monochrome cannot be defined. Come graphic or colour rich tees, but the one in a black and white combination always charms us, isn’t it? Be it a logo tee or the one with striking jingle; ensure to pull off a look worth noticing by pairing with the right bottom wear.

Go layering

Layer with care when you want to up the ante with a slogan t-shirt! Toss over a checkered shirt without buttoning it or go pairing a minimalist blazer. Slip into cool or fancy sneakers to give your looks a finishing touch. With this combination you are surely going to slay.

Accessorize cautiously

Be a fashion minimalist than turning into a fashion idiot. Ask style experts and they will tell you the same. Accessorizing too much will leave you look like a truly desperate or whacky person who doesn’t know nothing about fashion. Would you like to be the same? Of course not, hence we suggest you to carry minimal accessory like a pair of sunglasses.

Let your slogan t-shirt speak volumes about your persona.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Ways to Style Your T-Shirt Right for a Lasting Impression

From David Beckham to Hollywood hotties like Kit Harington and Chris Hemsworth, whenever they don their basics especially t-shirts, girls go on knees. These staples since a long time have been the hot Favourite for not only celebrities but for all.


No matter how stylish one may become or how trendy one may get, when it comes to stick to comfortable fashion, tees are what come to the mind all of a sudden. Cozy and classy, these are the terms best define these wardrobe essentials. If you have been searching here and there as how to style them right; look no further.

There are different types of bottoms that you can pair with them like a pro and smarten up your looks. How? Here is a guide to get started.

With denim

Denims are the perfect bottoms to pair your choicest t-shirts with. The duo is said to be harmonizing each other for a casual event. Be it a party or a trip with family or friend, this combination is considered lethal that looks both comfortable and cool. You just need to take care of the type of shoes you would like to wear when pairing the two together.

With chinos

These are one of the best bottom wears to club a basic upper wear. The best thing is that you can get a formal appearance by throwing a blazer above it. A pair of sneakers would do the magic to bring the best out of it. The other alternative includes a shrug or half sleeved vest so as to flaunt a semi-formal look.

With shorts

When you need respite from scorching heat on those days of summer, count on the combination of shorts and T-Shirts. They are said to be the perfect ensemble to beat the heat while staying stylish. You can even augment your overall looks by adding white sneakers or sports shoes.

No matter whichever combination you choose, ensure to keep things simple for a lasting impression. Accessorize minimal so as to avoid fashion faux. It has to be impressive not provocative or disastrous.

Now, dole up like your Favourite celebrity and give your counterparts some serious fashion goals.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Choose the best tea coaster on your own term!

If you are found of beautiful coaster to place around your wooden furniture or at other places in your home. There is a good new for you. You can get rid of all that cliché and boring coaster and get the one the way you like it to be. of course it is possible, we are not joking around. The customize tea coaster online offers you all that you want.

Buying things online in India has so far brought forth several revolution in enhancing customer experiences and their mode of buying things. In a step forward to overload customer experience and online purchasing a great deal for them, many online item are such that you can customize it as per you likes and requirement, wooden tea coaster India is one of them.

Tea Coaster

Imprint your own line or quote

So what can you do? You can choose what to print on your coaster. Your favorite line or quote that make you happy or inspire you. If you are fun loving, you can have a funny image or graphic on it.

Make it exclusive gift item

You need not to go anywhere, just select the item tea coaster online, customize it as per the requisition by selecting the number of option available on the site, and deliver it to the address you want, all at the comfort of your home. When the receiver unwrap it and see their name of picture engraved on it, we will surely be mesmerize by the surprise gift.

Table Tea Coaster

 Affordable and in your budget

Many online sites offer you product that is in your budget and affordable. In order to entice customer traffic to their site wooden tea coaster India facilitates great deals and discount offers as well which make great bonanza for you.

Printed mobile covers - An ultimate craze for mobile lovers

Mobile covers are one of the most in-demand accessories in the market which is consistently evolving day after day. Numerous designs of mobile covers hit the market everyday to lure the different mobile holders, Printed mobile covers is also one of them that has caught the attention of one and all.

There are number of reason why people choose phone covers online with printed text, design, graphic, logo etc. Some of the reasons are discussed here.

An ultimate craze in the market

It is great to see phone covers that can be moulded exactly according to your desired choice. Everybody today wants to give an ultimate wear to their phone, online mobile covers with an option to customize it accordingly is a great choice and a desirable option for them. They can choose from thousands of designs and quality online and select the most ultimate and appropriate for them.

Mobile Cover Online

No more cliché covers

It has provided an alternative to old and cliché type of covers which has ruled the market for such a long time. With time, thoughts of people are changing everyday. They want to be expressive with everything. Why should their phone covers lag behind. They use printed mobile covers to express their own thoughts through chosen text on mobile covers.

Mobiles are priceless today, safeguard it

Mobiles has become a priceless asset for this generation. They want to safeguard it, however, in the most loving and adorable manner. Online mobile covers provide them such cushion to safeguard their expensive smartphone or mobile in the most craziest way.

Mobile Back Covers

Budget matters

Not all can afford expensive phone covers online, thus they can choose their price segment according to the pocket and order the same to deliver at home. Some people frequently change their covers, they also do not want to go expensive all the time.

Tank Top are the Coolest Option to Beat the Heat in Summer

Tank top concept was utilized in 1920s fashion where it is considered as a one piece bath suit with t shirt having low neck and straps on the shoulder. Tank is the word used for pool at that time. Thus tank top is an ideal bath suit at that time because it is perfectly suited for their to their particular need.

However, with change in time and fashion concept, tank top has been remodelized and now printed tank top for girls are a cool option in summer and they can make use of it in multiple purpose during summer chill out.

The most sensual for your body look

There are scores of girl who wants to look sensual and stylish yet do not want to wear anything heavy during those summer peak. Online women tank tops can be the coolest option for them. Chill out in the party or hang out with friends, no issues at all. You can put it on with anything like jeans, trousers, or shorts. It will always give you spectacular look.

On the beach or pool party

Printed tank tops are specially designed to suit such occasion where you want to feel free and light and enjoy the moment that is absolutely yours. On the beach, it gives you great alternatives to bask the beach and soak the heat of the sun. Printed tank top for girls can be customized with color, design and text you want to match with the theme of pool party with groups.

Be yourself

Online women tank tops has variety of option to candidly express yourself in the way you want to be. With assortment of style, design, color, print and so on, you got those freedom you to be yourself.

5 Easy Steps to Find T shirt of your Choice

Want to follow the latest fashion trends? Can’t figure it out which apparel to buy? Well, the foremost staple that we all need in our ward...